Vital Statistics

Height: 5’3″/1.60m
Weight: 110lbs/50kg
Bust: 30B
Waist: 24″
Hips: 35″
Dress Size: UK 6
Shoes: UK 4/EU 37
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Natural Blonde
Hair Length: Medium
Skin: Pale
Tattoos: Yes
Piercings: Ears only

Location and Travel

I am based in Cardiff UK. That’s in a country called Wales. Wales is wonderful! There are forests, and fields, and waterfalls to prance about in. Please don’t be put off by my location as I LOVE to travel. I travel all over the UK for modelling shoots and I am also available for international bookings. I have been lucky enough to travel to many places in Europe for modelling work, and I have also worked with photographers in Los Angeles, California.
Depending on the distance I sometimes ask for contributions towards travel, however I always try to find the most cost effective way of travelling.


I have been modelling for around 10 years which is quite a long time. During that time I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of photographers both professional and amateur. I am 33 years old. I do not lie about my age as I would rather work with people who want to book me based on my look and not my date of birth. I am still asked for I.D when buying the occasional bottle of wine, and I’m constantly asked if I’m a student, so I’m not going to turn up looking like your elderly neighbour.

Modelling Styles

I like to try and model as many different styles as I can. Variety is nice.
Portraits and Beauty
I have an expressive face with green/blue eyes and long natural blonde hair. I am always happy to be booked for portrait work. I can do my own make up to a good standard or recommend a make up artist for any really striking looks.
Fashion and creative styling
I may not be the tallest fashion model but I love to play dress up.
Latex fashion
I have my own wardrobe of unique latex fashion outfits.
Lingerie and corsetry
I just love to prance about in beautiful feminine lingerie. I own lots of beautiful feminine and glamorous lingerie that I keep just for photo shoots. This includes corsets, basques, suspender belts and stockings, and matching lingerie sets in all different colours and styles.
Artistic nude
Artistic nude is one of my favourite modelling styles.  I am available to shoot nudes in a studio environment or out on location in the wilderness. When working outdoors in the colder months I will require warm up breaks and a hot flask of tea.
Glamourous Glamour!
I love beautiful glamour that’s shot well, and is just well.. glamorous. I’d like be a little picky about the type of glamour images that I shoot as I would like my work to be considered tasteful and classy and not tacky.
I do not under any circumstances do anything that I consider to be explicit.

Wardrobe & Styling

I have a grand wardrobe full of beautiful lingerie, dresses and clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. I also have a collection of latex fashion outfits that I can bring along to shoots. My latex outfits are popular with photographers who want to add some latex fashion to their portfolios.
Most of the clothing in my images is my own. If there’s something that you really want me to bring along for a shoot then please mention it as I sometimes sell modelling clothing on ebay to make room for new items. I am also able to sew and make items for shoots if given plenty of notice.
I wont ever turn up to a shoot with a plastic bag full of unwashed Primark underwear.
I am also interested in collaborating with more clothing, lingerie or jewellery designers.
I do my own make up, hair and styling for most of my shoots. However I always welcome the opportunity to work with make up artists and stylists. I am especially interested in collaborating with creative hair stylists. My hair is long and thick and can be styled into so many different looks with a good stylist.

Rates & Cancellations

I am a professional freelance model, which means I am not with any real or fake modelling agencies. This is the way I like it. I organise my own diary, and book photoshoots with the photographers that I want to work with.
Please contact me to enquire about rates. My rates reflect my experience but are not scary. If you have a particular budget for a photoshoot also feel free to contact me to discuss as it’s often possible to work something out.
I work for trade very occasionally. This is not a free shoot. I expect images that are either of a higher standard of what I have in my portfolio already, or different/magical styles that I do not have in my portfolio. I do not have a lot of available time for trade shoots so it would need to be something really special. 
If for any reason you may need to cancel a shoot with me, I ask that you try and give me as much notice as possible. I can be very busy at times and it’s very difficult to organise a replacement shoot at short notice. This is even more difficult if I am away from home on a tour or modelling trip.

Other Information

  • My real name is Pixie and you are very welcome to call me by it.
  • I am organised and reliable. I turn up to all of my shoots!
  • I declare my modelling earnings to HMRC and pay tax.
  • I have some tattoos. If that is not your cup of tea please feel free to book someone else.
  • I have no special diet requirements. Being fed on a shoot is always a bonus!
  • I work out at the gym and at home several times a week to stay fit and toned and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • I like tea. Making me a cup of tea will make me happy. I like green tea or earl grey or just plain regular tea as long as it’s not brewed fit for a builder.
  • I do not use fake tan.
  • I do not wear hair extensions.  
  • I don’t smoke.
  • Sometimes I use made up words. 
Photography - Jack Russell
Photography – Jack Russell
Photography - Eddie Cheng
Photography – Eddie Cheng
Photography - Mike Croshaw
Photography – Mike Croshaw
Photography - Maxy
Photography – Maxy
Photography - OzTog
Photography – OzTog