It was an absolute joy shooting with Miss Pixie for the first time after being a long time admirer. Pixie is such an amazing model – I’ve got so many great shots to choose from – and a truly beautiful person. We had a really fun time and I can’t wait to team up again and get out on location for some more adventures. A class act, one of the very best. 

– Jeremy 

Wonderful all-day location and studio shoot with the awesome Pixie! Different locations and styles, lying in brambles, stung by nettles, being interrupted by a platoon of gun-toting marines or a posse of walkers nothing phases Pixie – she’s cool and so lovely with it. She’s a joy to be with but totally professional in her approach, brings a wide range of outfits, poses beautifully, wants to get the shots and looks bloody amazing! Pixie is an inspiration and a delight. Thanks for a great day and some cracking images.

–  Photofervor

This girl oooooooooozes professionalism. Nothing is too much trouble, everything is approached with effort and 100% commitment. I can’t rate her highly enough.
Her attitude is absolute first rate and as a bonus she is a genuinely happy, smiley, lovely person a real pleasure to be around and work with.
There will be a next time ;0)

– Damian McGuillicuddy

I was lucky enough to shoot with Miss Pixie last week on a trip to Portugal, and she was a revelation! She certainly lived up to her reputation for being something of a live wire, and came equipped with a huge range of outfits and poses, which she used to great effect providing a constant stream of poses and an excellent image every frame. Apart from proving herself to be an excellent model, she is great fun and very easy to work with – a total joy in fact!
100% recommended!

– Dave Edwards

I’ve been trying to shoot Miss Pixie for about 2 years, but for various reasons it never happened. It finally did yesterday and was certainly worth the wait. Pixie is a lovely, friendly person to spend the day with and a fantastic model who can pose without instruction but is happy to take on board any feedback you give her as well. No ego, just really talented and good at what she does. I really enjoyed shooting with her and hope we can do another shoot.

– Mike Croshaw

Pixie has been on my “work with when i feel I’m good enough” wish list for years..
After shooting with her i can say without contradiction i am an idiot for waiting so long to contact her…
Coms were great, as you’d expect.
Outfits- how do you get so much in such a small case,
Adventurous- lets just say barbed wire fences hold no fear
Will we work together again- Yes
Am i still looking through one of the most productive shoots I’ve done trying to figure what to work on, yes.
Perfectionist, Professional, Patient,
Do i recommend- Yes

– HiStakes Photography

One of the best models I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Needed very little direction, knew exactly what she was doing, what little direction I gave she nailed it. Looks fantastic in every shot, I’m struggling to choose the final images, she just looks great in all of them!

– Iamsuko

What can I say about Pixie that hasn’t been said before?
Pixie is gorgeous, with a enviable figure, she poses freely with no issues and to top it off shes friendly & easy to get a long with.
Pixie was happy to go with my casual way of shooting (throw it in a bag & find some pretty places) producing gorgeous shots that really am proud of, I couldn’t feel more privileged to get to work with her.
Very highly recommended!

– A.Rae Photography

There are not enough superlatives to describe this beautiful lady adequately! Breathtaking, beautiful, graceful, coy, bold, sexy, demure…. The list is literally endless.
I had the pleasure of hosting Pixie as a houseguest to shoot…. And what can I say, she was friendly, chatty, professional, extremely well prepared, needed absolutely no direction whatsoever and was able to pose limitlessly.
I’m excited to edit our images, and can’t wait to share them…. Nor can I wait to work with her again, I’m hoping to in Spring 2014.
Please do not hesitate to work with Pixie it will be one of the best choices you’ve made – she is outstanding.

– Jack Russell

I worked with Pixie for the first time yesterday and it was extremely enjoyable! When discussing the theme of the shoot she got very involved and did her own make-up to perfection. When shooting, she gave 100% and posed herself straight away with little to no direction. She was a lot of fun to have around, professional whilst still being able to have a giggle. Wonderful company and fantastic model! Can’t wait to work with her again! The final images are stunning and completely perfect. I would suggest her to anyone!

– Kitty Kems Photography

Have had the pleasure of five shoots with Miss Pixie. She doesn’t really need any puff from me, but I’ll do it anyway – she’s absolutely bl**dy brilliant to work with: creative, hard-working, enthusiastic, and she has a wonderfully original wardrobe. On top of all that, she’s organised and reliable, and she’s great fun to work with. Highest possible recommendation.

– Orson Carter

Totally lost count of the number of times I’ve had the pleasure of working with the legendary Pixie over the last six or seven years. Always a treat to work with, always lots of fun, and can always be relied on to work in even the most inclement weathers despite my objections to getting cold and wet (again). She’s always welcome at her ‘Welsh Holiday Cottage’. Thanks for all the fun and general mayhem Pixie.


I’ve been Pixielated!!! Before you worry, it’s not that nasty blocky thing that somehow happens to your images when you’re not looking. It’s the happy (elated, get it?) feeling you have after a shoot with the awesome Miss Pixie.

Pixie and I have chatted about a shoot for a while. In among the chat we managed to avoid anything that could be called a plan, so when yesterday arrived, we sat down with a metaphorical blank sheet of paper. I was a bit worried, but no need at all, as soon as Pixie gets in front of the camera, super sights pop up in the viewfinder and all you have to do is press the button!

There’s little point in me talking about Pixie’s appearance – look at the photos, that’s what she looks like. Dead awesome. ‘Nuff said.

What’s not visible is that Pixie is a joy to work with, in person she’s cheery, funny, witty and very down to earth in a slightly bonkers way. As soon as she’s in front of the camera, her model persona jumps out and she becomes and awesome, emotive sight for you to capture. She more than made up for my lack of planning.

At the end of a pretty long, hot day, we had a bunch of images that I’m delighted with and am looking forward to processing. We have a plan for our next shoot, which could be even cooler than this – is that possible?

Awesome model, super person. Highly Recommended. Thanks Pixie

– ADW’s Photos

Pixie came to help me learn how to use my new studio.

Well organised, patient while I messed around trying out new stuff, good fun to talk to, creative, very beautiful…. what more do you want?

We’ll be shooting lots more times.

– Huw

I’d been wanting to shoot with Pixie for a while, we finally got a date in the diary and headed to a derelict building on my list.

Pixie was fantastic, friendly, easy to work with, hard working and full of ideas. She poses with ease and needed pretty much no direction what so ever, in fact I don’t think it would have been possible to take a bad shot of her! 

Really enjoyed my shoot with Pixie and I think we got a whole heap of awesomeness… I’d certainly recommend Pixie and look forward to shooting with her again in the future!

–  Blofeld

I had to stop myself from jumping for joy when Pixie applied to a casting I posted recently. It was all quite short-notice but comms were quick and easy. On the day, she blew me away with her laid-back attitude, gorgeous wardrobe and seamless posing. It makes my life so much easier to work with a model who understands her body, the light and the feel of the image we’re creating. She’s also bloody lovely. Absolutely recommended and I’m already planning the next one.

– Siren Arts

I just had the most amazing first shoot with the highly talented and amazingly photogenic Miss Pixie!
Pixie is a top tier model with that in-built sense of how to produce stunning pose after pose and was perfect to collaborate with as we created and perfected each setup. Pixie is a photographer’s dream to work with, a consummate professional, stunningly beautiful and has a really lovely personality.
I simply can’t recommend Pixie highly enough…. she is an incredibly versatile, premier model that should be on anyone’s “must work with” list.

– Adrian Spencer

What a ball of sheer energy is that Miss Pixie. She spent two days at my annual Tuscany photo week and brought endless fun, humor, beauty and professionalism to the time she was there. She is very easy to work with, knows how to relate to both the camera and the photographer and has that lovely characteristic of not taking herself too seriously.
Every minute of shooting with Miss Pixie was productive (as the images can attest) and pleasurable. Photography is best when it doesn’t feel like work and with Miss Pixie it was pure fun.
I recommend her very highly, wish her all the best, and look forward to my next opportunity to shoot with her. Thanks, Pixie, for spreading your own fairy dust my way.

– Herb Nestler

I worked with Miss Pixie for a couple hours at her model day at my studio (Ariane) a couple of weeks ago.
Pixie is without a doubt is one of the most accomplished models I have worked with.
Pixie has a wonderful work ethic, a dynamism, an awareness of styles of poses to suit clothing and sets also a superb awareness of light.
From my view, from my usual shooting method, the shoot exceeded my expectations, I loved what we did, working with Pixie has stimulated my need to shoot more artistic and fashion styles.
I am looking forward to working with Miss Pixie again soon.

– Viages

Miss Pixie travelled several hours to shoot with me in London. I’m really grateful that she did, as she was wonderful to work with. She brought along exactly the outfits I had asked for, and was friendly, enthusiastic & energetic during our shoot. You can’t ask for more from a professional model. And then of course, she simply has the best derriere in the business!
Highly recommended, you will be glad to book Miss Pixie for your next shoot.

– Frank Pangolin

I had been wanting to shoot with Miss Pixie for ages now , but never found time, my mistake.
She has an obvious passion for her work, listening to my ideas for the shoot, and adding her own undeniable talented input, even before we started i knew it was going to be something special, loads and loads of immaculately laid out clothes , and shoes, that is preparation at its finest.
A model of the highest calibre, a fantastic poser, takes direction aswell, all in all a gem , be in no doubt
Thanks Pixie , cant wait to work with you in Wales

James Bessant