Yummy Mummy

A very late Halloween image update! I have posted these images to my Facebook Page but haven’t had the time to blog them. When I’m travelling and staying away I only take my ipad with me as it’s smaller and more convenient to carry around than a laptop but it means that I can only updates websites such as Facebook Twitter and Tumblr but not my website or blog.

I made this outfit for Ryo’s Halloween themed birthday party in Cardiff but I wanted to do a cool shoot in it before it got ruined on a crazy night out in Cardiff. I went with Rob Golding to shoot it at our cold and dirty incinerator location in Malvern. I’m really pleased with how these images came out which is awesome because I spent three days making this outfit sewing individual bandages to nude lingerie and getting dizzy from super glue fumes from making the shoes!

Photography - Rob Golding

Photographer – Rob Golding