My third shoot with modelographer* Siren Arts

We met up in Southampton and picked up some pretty fabric from the magical place that is Fabric Land. I’d like to add that it wasn’t just an ordinary Fabric Land it was a Fabric Land Massive. In my opinion it wasn’t quite as massive as the sign on the front of the shop might lead you to believe. However it was adequate and we left with 1.8 metres of pretty shiny fabric to play with.

We then headed to a local studio and I played fabric mannequin while this modelographer Siren Arts made lots of fabulous outfits from the fabric we bought. I was so impressed with all of the pretty dresses and styles she created with just a little bit of fabric and a few safety pins.

*  A model that is also an awesome photographer and sometimes a stylist and is probably just too talented at too many things.

Photography - Siren Arts

Photography - Siren Arts

Photography and fabric styling – Siren Arts