Granny Square

Some may think that travelling around the UK and sometimes further modelling for photographers scantily clad in lingerie and latex must be a rock and roll kind of lifestyle. The truth is that when I’m home and I have some free time, I can often be found watching Crime Stories on CBS Reality, or Vice Documentaries on You Tube, and either sewing or creating rainbow magic with a crochet hook and some wool (or yarrrrrn for you Americans out there).


Here are the finished results of a gigantic psychedelic granny blanket that I’ve been working on for a few months. Perhaps I can drape it around myself while modelling on a windy hill top this Summer. One day it will be the centre piece of my dream hobbit home.

I’m also constantly amused that if you like to crochet, it is both acceptable and awesome to refer to yourself as a hooker.