Just One Cornetto

A nice little mix of studio and location work with photographer Photofervor on a sunny day in Devon. We had such an enjoyable and productive shoot and here are some of the results.

Just a few images taken during a couple of hours at the studio

Photography - Photofervor

Shiny Westward Bound latex lingerie <3



Most of the day was spent visiting wonderful locations that Keith had scouted near where he lives in Sidmouth.





Photography – Photofervor

Thanks to Keith for such a great shoot. We also spent a fair bit of time chatting in the car between locations, and I mentioned that soon I’ll be heading off on a fancy holiday to Sicily. Turns out that Keith wrote a book about that, and so very kindly sent me a copy. I can’t wait to read it! Google has informed me that a cornetto is in fact some kind of Italian pastry similar to a croissant and not an ice cream.